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The Rosa Galton Institute for Applied Psychology (simply known as ‘Rosa Galton’) is a Galton & Galtis Group's institution dedicated to promote the science and practice of applied psychology, and to offer high-quality continuing education in applied psychology, for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Rosa Galton promotes new psychological knowledge through scientific research and the translation of scientific research to applications.

Rosa Galton also is a publisher of academic and professional textbooks and journals, and promotes publishing activities for dissemination of scientific knowledge for best practices and evidence based applications in the field of applied psychology.

Rosa Galton is headquartered in Rome (Italy) and has representative offices in Milan (Italy), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), and New York (USA).

The Rosa Galton Institute for Applied Psychology is a member of International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP).

In accordance with the IAAP Stands for Universal Human Rights, the Rosa Galton Institute for Applied Psychology affirms its commitment to the fundamental rights of dignity, worth, free speech, and a life without violence or fear for all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual identity, political beliefs, or economic status.



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